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Lessons...me?...why not! Read on...

Ever think of learning your way around the guitar i.e. how to play the world’s most popular instrument? Well David with Vid Guitars can help! From the beginner on up, David can show you the ABC’s of the guitar that you will find both informative and fun. At only $13.00 per half hour, David gives lessons in the comfort of your own home…how can you go wrong? Weekend times are available!

Call Vid Guitars today at 616.648.8814 to schedule your learning experience today! “Live to learn, learn to Play”

*Offer limited to metro Grand Rapids, MI guitar enthusiasts.

Vid Guitars is no longer a dealer for Gallagher Guitars. Please contact Gallagher Guitars for the dealer nearest you. Thank you!

Exciting Updates!

We have new graphics to our site and our Strings...Attached! link. Please feel free to browse that page for great guitar string names we offer such as D'Addario & Company, GHS, DR Strings, and Dean Markley. We are proud to be affiliated with the top four string companies in the U.S. If you do not see a certain set of strings that you would like, we can order them for you at no extra cost!

From cables to capo's, straps to slides, picks to polishes and everything in between, Planet Waves has you covered for all of your guitar accessory needs.

Let David at Vid Guitars be your go to guy for helping you "wave" through Planet Waves product line to best fit your guitar fix and "tune" your playing. Tuners you say? Check!


At the beginning of a website, the host is supposed to pen an articulate opening paragraph to grab the reader's attention to entice that person to continue browsing the site. Since these are my words and not put together by an English Department Chair or PR firm, you'll just have to trust me.

Yes this is a guitar web site-that's my business! But it's more than and less than that. True my website will contain information on acoustic guitars and all of its ingredients; but look deeper into the site and you will be, or should be, enticed to read on and have a little fun! With that in mind let's get started. I suggest beginning on my bio page and then follow the arrows as we move forward-Thanks!

Here is a sampling of VidGuitar's Clientele:

Belding Middle School, Belding MI

Forest Hills Community Services, Grand Rapids MI

Mona Shores High School Guitar Ensemble, Muskegon MI

St. Thomas the Apostle Parish, Grand Rapids MI

Water for the Thirsty-Christian Centered Band, Grand Rapids MI

St. Mary's Catholic Church, Grand Rapids MI

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